Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baha'i Gardens Haifa (mobile)

Another cell phone pic from Nov 2010 cruise.

Wow these terraced gardens were something to see! They weren't open to walk down the day we were there, but they are still very impressive.

Worth a visit if you are in Haifa for sure.

The Wailing Wall (mobile)

Very interesting stop at the Wailing Wall. Just sitting and people watching at this location is fascinating. So many people from all over the world & from all walks of life.

Rod has been wanting to come to the Wailing Wall for many, many years. It was great to see him be able to place his prayers in the wall and say a short prayer.

Interesting to see the men's and women's sections. And the size differences.

Pyramids of Giza (mobile)

Another cell phone pic from Nov 2010 trip. The pyramids of Giza were nice to see. Wish we had more time there - but the camel ride was something we just had to do! =)

I would rather of had more time at the pyramids and less at the sphinx. Oh well. One of the downsides of being on a group excursion - have to follow their time line. But lots of benefits too!

A must see if you get to Egypt.

Temple of Luxor (mobile)

Cell phone pic at the Temple of Luxor (Nov 2010).

What a fantastic structure. Amazing to wander around marveling at the scale of the pieces. How did they build all this?

Has held up amazingly well considering the age and flooding and everything else it has been through.

Italian Pizza in Sorrento (mobile)

Another cell phone pic. From November 2010.

Pizza & beer in Sorrento with Jen & dad. This was actually the best pizza we had in Italy. A little neighborhood restaurant with all outdoor seating.

Jen loved the fresh squeezed OJ!

When in Rome... (mobile post)

Testing MMS mobile update capabilities. Getting ready for that next trip...

Took this photo from the taxi heading to our hotel the day we arrived in Rome. Fantastic to just be driving around and see sights like this. Things from your elementary school history books. Things I figured I wouldn't ever see in person.

So much history out there to see and learn about!