Sunday, August 12, 2012

First Caribou of the day - Denali

This fine animal was about 40 feet from the bus. Started off further away, but walked towards us, eating here and there, and then crossed the road behind the bus. Amazing animal.

The deal on the bus was that we make as little noise as possible and do NOT make sounds to try to get the animals to look at us, etc. The driver, Clay Walker, would turn off the bus and get the animal in his 100x video camera, which we could see on TV screens in the bus (and later, of course, choose to purchase as a DVD).

This was early in the day, about 90 minutes in, and was really close. We were all very excited!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mt McKinley or Denali - it's big

So Mt McKinley (or Denali as many like to call it) is most often covered in clouds and doesn't often make an appearance.

Well, here I am, two days later, and viewing Mt McKinley from the other side, and once again getting a great view with very little cloud cover! Fantastic!!

She's a BIG mountain, that's for sure. Tallest in the world from base to top.

Mt McKinley, Alaska

Mt McKinley, Alaska by Tim Craig
Mt McKinley, Alaska, a photo by Tim Craig on Flickr.

I heard before leaving on the cruise that we would be lucky to see Mt McKinley. That it is normally covered by clouds.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I awoke to see the mountain almost totally visible!

Quickly grabbed the camera and joined a lot of other happy photographers on the back deck at the Princess Mt McKinley Lodge - 40 miles from the mountain.

Rusty Beauty

Rusty Beauty by Tim Craig
Rusty Beauty, a photo by Tim Craig on Flickr.

Softness against the rough. On cruise docks in Ketchikan, AK.