Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keep that camera clean

So am back from Alaska. Great trip, still need to post some photos. I did put a number up on Facebook. Will have to post a link to those as a start.

What was the biggest bummer photo wise on this trip? Well, other than wanting a stronger lens to catch the humpbacks that did a bit of breaching - but a LONG way off; it would have to be the bit of dust or dirt that made its way onto the sensor of my Canon 60D.

This little bugger left bout 87% of my photos with a little fuzzy dot in the upper left corner of all my photos... not good. Well, it could have been worse, it was pretty small - but it looked huge to me of course.

I decided to be good and not try to blow off the sensor myself while traveling. Especially since I wasn't good about carrying any lens cleaning supplies or compressed air or anything. Our nieces new husband had a similar issue, and he cleaned his - while also knowing & admitting that he probably shouldn't have done it...

So the result of that decision was hundreds of photos of Mt. McKinley and wildlife in Denali National Park with the little fuzz spot. Crap.
But I felt safe in knowing that I didn't damage the sensor - which would have been even more upsetting (and costly!).

I have been able to crop it out, or use a little digital cleanup. And in many shots it really isn't noticed.

Last week I finally had a chance to swing by Calumet Photographic in Escondido (this is their "San Diego" location). I didn't have the camera with me, but wanted to talk with them about cleaning options. They said to bring it in and they can try to blow it clean at no cost, and if not, then I could get a $60 cleaning.

So I brought it in today, they were very helpful. Got a few tools, blew it off a few times. Good to go. He said he could see one little spot still on there, but I hadn't even known it was there. I am good with that!

Walked out 10 minutes later after looking at all the goodies I can't afford right now... Ready to shoot again.

So, keep the cameras clean. Carry some cleaning supplies in your bag. And be careful you don't mess up the sensor. But most of all, have a good quality camera shop to work with. The folks at Calumet have always been great to work with.

Can't wait till the next trip!

Oh ya, I had better get some photos posted...

I am way behind on travel posts.

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