Saturday, August 13, 2011

10 Popular Travel Scams - via FoxNews

Saw this article and thought I'd share it out here as it has some specific scan topics of interest for various cities around the world - and just as a reminder to be extra careful while traveling. We heard about the Egypt scam while there. Luckily our tour guide had some connections, and Jen and I had a great time on two camels at the pyramids! But do beware - all over Egypt. Lots of scams and people just waiting to catch you off guard.

And that's why I'm adding to the warning. You are out traveling. Be it locally, somewhere in within your country, or out on a trip to some distant land. You are there to have fun and see new things. You mind is busy and engaged. It probably isn't thinking about the many ways someone could take advantage of a certain environment to rip you off. And that's when something happens without you knowing about it.

Be careful out there. Some countries are known to be worse than others, but you can get ripped off by a pro, or by the kid on the street corner.

FoxNews article: