Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long, Cold Days Are Coming

Well, it looks like it is going to happen!!

We are planning another family vacation!
To Alaska!!

Land of the cold and the days of 20 hours of sun.

We took our first ever cruise back in June/July of 2008. This was an anniversary vacation for mom & dad with the entire family! Yes, 13 members of the family from mom & dad (grandma & grandpa to others), to their kids and their families.

This was actually the first time cruising from everyone (if you don't count dad's cruise to pacific islands during WW2). This original vacation was also the last time the ENTIRE family was able to travel together. Out of six cruises this was also the only time we have traveled Princess.

So I find it really interesting that as we return to Alaska we will once again be traveling Princess (on the Sapphire Princess), and we will all be together again. In fact we will ever be +1 as Rachel got married and her new husband Nate (we hope!) will be able to join us.

Wow - I still owe this blog posts from that original trip (and others) - but check out my posts on Alaska (more to come as mobile posts during this next trip): 

So much enjoyed that first trip to Alaska, and totally looking forward to being back there again! 
Most of the family - Ketchikan, Alaska 2008

Please feel free to comment with tips or ideas for any of the stops we will be visiting.

A new twist for us. We will be doing a "cruisetour" - 1/2 cruise, 1/2 land tour.

So just where are we making stops??

Leaving out of Vancouver, BC for the cruise
Skagway (Dad's specific request as he traveled her by car many, many years ago)
Glacier Bay
College Fjord
Then a glass-covered train to Mt. McKinley to begin the land tour.
2-days at Denali
2-days at Fairbanks
Back home to San Diego

Would love to get ideas of things to visit at any of these stops. Thanks!!